Billing Department

Ohio GI & Liver Patient Payment Policy

Thank you for choosing Ohio Gastroenterology and Liver Institute (Ohio GI) for your Gastroenterology care. Our Billing Department strives to provide friendly and efficient service for our patients. We are providing this Patient Payment Policy in order to better help you understand your financial responsibilities for services provided by Ohio GI.

1. Insurance. Your Health Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. While we may be a provider of services we are not a party to that contract. We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier personally in order to remain informed of your benefits.
2. Network Participation. We will file claims to all insurance companies as a courtesy to our patients. This does not mean we participate with all plans. Insurance companies are continually adding new networks and sometimes limit which providers may participate. If you have any concerns regarding participation we suggest you contact your insurance company directly. It is the patient’s responsibility to determine if Ohio GI is in network with their carrier.
3. Out of Network Cost. If we are not contracted with your insurance company, your out-of-pocket costs may be greater than originally anticipated. We will do our best to give you an estimate of your costs but the final amount due will be determined by the reimbursement from your insurance company. You will be responsible for the additional costs.
4. Referrals. If you have an HMO plan with which we are contracted you need a referral authorization from your primary care physician to our office. If no referral is received prior to your arrival at our office, you will need to phone your primary care physician from our office to obtain it. If you are unable to obtain the referral at that time you will be rescheduled.
5. Co-Payments. All co-payments are due at the time of service. Per our contract with your insurance carrier we are required to collect these co-payments. If you request to be billed for your co-payment there will be an additional $15 service charge.
6. Payments. For your convenience we accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
7. Cancellation Policy. We request 48 hours notice of cancelled appointments. Missed office visits without notice will incur a charge of $25 and missed procedures without notice will incur a charge of $75. These charges are your responsibility and will not be paid by insurance. Please help us to serve you and all of our patients better by keeping your regularly scheduled appointment.
8. Returned Checks. There will be a $25 service fee for any returned check.
9. Financial Assistance. We offer financial assistance for patients with financial need. Please contact our billing department to avoid collection letters for non-payment.
10. Affordable Care Act. Under the Affordable Care Act, most insured patients who undergo screening colonoscopies are not subject to any out-of-pocket costs. However, if during the course of a screening colonoscopy a biopsy is performed or polyp is removed, the test is reclassified as a diagnostic or therapeutic colonoscopy and some patients may receive a bill for the associated costs. Please check with your insurance company ahead of time to determine if you would be affected by such a change.

The Ohio GI Billing Department is here to assist you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 513-872-4555. The Billing office hours are M-F 8:30-4:30.