Endoscopy Centers

Ohio GI operates 3 endoscopy centers in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Our endoscopy centers are staffed with compassionate professionals. Our experienced nurses are specifically trained in assisting with the special needs of endoscopic examinations. The centers are equipped with state of the art medical equipment and offer a comfortable reception and waiting area, private female and male pre-procedure areas, multiple procedure rooms, and a recovery lounge. Each area is designed to provide patients and their family/friends with a positive, individualized, and respectful endoscopy experience. The facilities provides care in an efficient and cost effective way resulting in considerably lower charges than hospital outpatient endoscopy centers.

Please click on the center most convenient to you for specific information and location:

Tri-State Endoscopy Center

Tri-State Endoscopy Center is located in the center of the medical district in the Clifton area.  It is conveniently located off of Interstate 71 at the Taft Road exit.  Click here for the address, phone, directions and physicians that work at  Tri-State Endoscopy Center.

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Liberty Endoscopy Center

Liberty Endoscopy Center (LEC) is the newest endoscopy facility in town and serves the northwest Cincinnati area. Click here for the address, phone, directions and physicians that work at Liberty Endoscopy Center.

Liberty Endoscopy Center Info »

Norwood Endoscopy Center

Norwood Endoscopy Center (NEC) is centrally located right off the Norwood Lateral at Montgomery Road. Click here for the address, phone, directions and physicians that work at Norwood Endoscopy Center.

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Our physicians also utilize hospital-based endoscopy units at the following hospitals:
Bethesda North Hospital
The Christ Hospital of Cincinnati
The Jewish Hospital
Mercy Hospital Fairfield
Mercy Hospital West
TriHealth Endoscopy Center North


At these locations, our physicians perform some or all of the following procedures:

Endoscopy/Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)
Polypectomy (removal of polyps by a variety of techniques)
Colon Cancer Screening
Esophageal dilation
Liver Biopsy
Esophageal acid testing for reflux
Paracentesis (removal of abdominal fluid in patients with liver disease)