NASH Program

Fatty Liver Disease is among the most common causes of liver cirrhosis in our country. About one third of general American population has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It has reached epidemic proportions in both children and adults. In the past, it was considered a benign condition , but now we know that it can lead to cirrhosis and is in fact, a significantly more common cause of cirrhosis than alcohol. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is the severe form of fatty liver that has a high risk to develop cirrhosis. We have developed a dedicated, comprehensive program for the management of NASH. This is the only adult NASH clinic in the Tri-State area and one of the few such programs in the country. We have treated many patients over the past several years and our NASH clinic is among the largest in the country. We have several cutting edge clinical trials available for our patients on-site. This is especially useful since fatty liver has no approved treatment at this time. We also work closely with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital NASH clinic and children from the clinic often transition to our program when they reach adulthood.